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Build A Web Server in Minutes.
No Programming Required.

Advantages to Using Our App

Save Time

Build as many websites as you wish, each taking less than a minute to create*. Create local or public websites in seconds!


No programming skills needed! So easy that anyone can do it. All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 or better.


WordPress is Free

Seamlessly integrated with WordPress to make the entire process of hosting and building a site as quick as possible.

“I have never programmed anything and in minutes I had a website up and going.”



Don't Pay for Web Hosting!

Sure it may be cheap at first, but a single WordPress site hosted by Godaddy is $120 per year after the first year.  This adds up quickly if you have a few sites you that you own.  The solution? Host your own sites from your Raspberry Pi! Anyone can do it, no programming skills required!


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